Our founder, Mr. Stéphane Eloit, started Natural Rendez-Vous with the mission to create 100% natural, and also pleasing, safe and effective, skin and hair care products. Raised in a family of doctors and scientists, he had pursued a different career path, first as an international operations consultant, then as the General Director of packaging companies in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam.This is where he realized that the marketing of so called “natural cosmetics”, and the design of such products, rarely matched the ingredients composing them: he was asked to print beautiful packaging with a very “natural look” at the same time that the list of ingredients he was also being asked to print (as all cosmetics must list their ingredients according to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetics Ingredients) most often showed only minimum amounts of natural elements. The more he learned aboutcosmetics brands and their products, the more he came to realize that the cost of hair and skin care was related more to their marketing budget than to the cost of their ingredients. He also learned that many cosmetics companies used clever loopholes in legislation to present themselves as creators of natural products, being allowed, for example, to use pictures of lavender, and even make it part of the product name, when their products contained none. Challenging himself, and the international team he then assembled, to create a full line of 100% natural hair and skin care products, an initial 2 year R&D effort set a course of development for Natural Rendez-Vous with founding values still driving the growth of the company: active ingredients and proprietary know-how, coupled with clear and ethical communication, for safe, effective and pleasing personal and professional hair and skin care.



100% Natural Skin & Hair Care

AZIAL and rendez-vous are our 2 brands of 100% natural hair and skin care. AZIAL specializes in home and professional spa products, from soaps and moisturizing body oils to incense and candles. With a full personal care line, from shampoos to body lotions, AZIAL also offers a full line of 100% natural hotel bathroom amenities. rendez-vous focuses on daily beauty care with a range covering all need from make-up removal and alcohol-free toners to facial masks and exfoliating facial care. Both brands are developed with spa partners catering to international guests to ensure compatibility with all skin types and provide our Product Development Team short-loop feedback to continuously improve formulations and introduce new ones. Both brands also share the same core values of exclusively using therapeutic-grade essential oils and substituting water in all formulations with freshly extracted aloe-vera juice instead.


Professional Spa Services & Products

Our Spa Training& Development Facilities offer you a full range of a la carte services, tailored to your requirements, including spa technical training, spa consultancy, and spa management. Besides, the professional line AZIAL and rendez-vous 100% natural hair and skin care products perfectly complements its retail line, for a full guest experience. Lastly, we offer our Customers the choice to complement our products with essential oil, carrier oils and other ingredients, to meet the full need of our partner spas.


Signature Hotel Amenities Design & Formulations

We offer 3 distinct ranges of products for hotel bathroom amenities: a wide range of formulations, a large choice of packaging options, and a full line of bathroom accessories. Formulations for products such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body lotion, bath salts, etc…, are created under 3 brands: AZIAL (100% natural & active ingredients only), hàrmonis (a natural high-end contemporary range), and alpha Harmonie (a cost conscious green line). All can be customized, including with the creation of exclusive Signature Scents in full partnership with our French perfumers. Packaging is developed according to clients’ requirement, not only in disposable plastic or aluminum bottles, but also in made-to-order ceramics or marble bottles, bamboo or lacquer containers, all suitable for retail sales or as gifts. Bathroom accessories such as comb, bath exfoliating pad, dental sets, etc …, are designed with a variety of options to meet your budget and your hotel bathroom décor.


Cosmetics Development & Manufacture formulations

The know-how the company has developed for its own brands and its ability to listen to its Customers to create customized formulations, including Signature Scents, has led to its creating entirely new lines of products and brands in full partnership with its Customers. Recent examples include the creation of the sensas line of perfumed shower gels distributed in supermarkets and of DE L’AMOUR, a full line of affordable perfumes created with fragrance exclusively made in Grasse (France), the world capital of perfume.



We built a professional team of almost 150 people who share a common set of values -teamwork, customer orientation and innovation- while they strive for the overall development goals of the company. All departments work in coordination to fulfill our customers’ unique requests, from Design Team where unique designs for products’ packaging and labels are created, through R&D and QA Teams working with Production to supply products on time with ingredient specifications adhered to through our Logistics Dept integrated Purchasing and Planning processes, to our Spa Training & Development Team not only offering a full range of a-la-carte services but also testing new products and gathering the latest needs and feedback from the professional Spa Managers we work with on a daily basis. Besides, our Sales and Customer Service teams work as consultants to help our customers choose the most suitable products and services and answer all enquiries, with 24-hour response time as their objectives. Natural Rendez-Vous - A professional Team - Proud to pursue innovation in beauty products!




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