The brand-name AZIAL is a blend word comprised of meanings from “Asia” and “Natural” Aromatherapy AZIAL brand with skin care, hair care and home scent products made from 100% active botanical ingredients and nothing else, for a 100% natural and healthy experience. Discover more on our online shopping website here

From experience in designing unique formulations, AZIAL’s capabilities extend to the customization of high-end hotel amenities: personalized formulations, customized formulations using signature scent. 

AZIAL 100% natural amenities and professional spa products have successfully gained the trust of some of the most prestigious hotels, spas and resorts in Vietnam, as well as outside the region.

AZIAL is created from French formulations with French certification, and manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice standards to guarantee international quality. All AZIAL products are biodegradable, and are free from water, synthetic preservatives or parabens, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, Genetically Modified Organisms, and animal testing. Instead of water, freshly extracted Aloe Vera leaf juice is used.
Discover more on our online shopping website here