Apr, 2015
Luke’s Pharmacy holds the concept that external beauty represents internal health. Customers’ beauty care is therefore as important as their health. Luke’s Pharmacy is a friendly place where one can find medical and cosmetic products with standards suitable for sale in the global market (GDP & GPP standards).
Luke’s Pharmacy (Crescent Mall, district 7, and Sky Garden 2, district 7) proudly displays images of AZIAL posters on its windows. With such excellent position, passers-by are likely to be attracted by our green design, which embedded the message of attaining a better green life through the use of 100% natural products.
As an innovative company capable of exporting its high quality products all the way to Japan, Natural Rendez-Vous takes pride in becoming a business partner of Luke’s Pharmacy with its AZIAL brand of 100% natural shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and soaps. From July 2013, customers residing in district 7 can easily find our products there.

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